Moist Fudgy Brownies

Chocolate cravings are a norm in our house. These brownies are soft and chewy, satisfying any sweet tooth craving after dinner (sometimes breakfast, lunch, and midnight). What’s the best part about these? The moist, over stuffed chocolate, and nutty crunch all in one. Amazing topped with vanilla ice cream and equally great solo. Ingredients: 1-1/4 cup margarine (or unsalted butter), melted 1-1/4 cup granulated sugar … Continue reading Moist Fudgy Brownies

Chinese Soy Chicken Wings

These are my favourite type of chicken wings that offer a savoury and sweet sauce to pour over rice. It’s definitely a family recipe passed on from my grandmother and is a comfort food. Ingredients: 2 cups water 1″ ginger, sliced into 3-4 medallions 3 cloves garlic, crushed 1/2 tsp fennel seeds 1/2 Tbs black pepper corns 1 Tbs Szechuan chilli pepper 5 small 1/2″ … Continue reading Chinese Soy Chicken Wings

Steamed Chinese Meat Cake

This dish is from my late grandma and is one of my favourite comfort foods as it was often a dish she made for us in the winter. Directly translated as “meat cookie” it’s actually savory and fragrantly seasoned. It’s a meat pie. Ingredients: 1.25 lbs Ground pork 10 Shiitake mushrooms, minced 8-10 Water chestnuts, minced (approx 1/2 a 220ml can) 1/4 c Onion, minced … Continue reading Steamed Chinese Meat Cake

Walnut Crusted Salmon

Super supper. It’s fast, easy, and a bit more flavourful than a simple lemon and dill version (albeit my go-to salmon seasoning). This one is for my sister, enough work to make it seem like you’re slaving over dinner but so easy that Dad could do it! Ingredients: 1 fillet of salmon (approx 1/2 kilogram) 1/3 c shelled walnuts (pecans also work well in this … Continue reading Walnut Crusted Salmon

Compost Soup Stock

What?! Yes, you heard right. Composting is a great way to turn your organic waste into nutrient-rich organic matter for your garden. BUT, in this case, you can use your vegetable scraps, trimmings, and wilted probably-should-have-cooked-these veggies into a delicious and nutritious soup stock. Most meals you prep probably have one or two of your flavour staples: onions, carrots, celery, garlic, fresh herbs. While you … Continue reading Compost Soup Stock

My Caesar Salad Dressing

You’ll wonder why you even bothered with store bought dressing once you start making this at home. Nothing beats fresh ingredients and knowing exactly what you’re putting in your mouth – especially when it’s this darn good. Yields: 16 oz / 1 pint Time: 15 mins Ingredients: 1 egg yolk 1 Tbsp capers (approx 30-40 capers) 5 anchovies filets 1 Tbsp garlic (approx 3 large … Continue reading My Caesar Salad Dressing